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Once a year, the Issue Management Council takes a current reading on “the state of the art and science” of our profession. Speakers are carefully selected for their deep insights and candor to spur commentary and peer-review. Consistently rated “the best conference experience ever,” the annual IMC Forum is a high-value event that is unduplicated in the caliber of conversations and relationships that you’ll experience.

You are invited to join IMC at the 2023 Annual Forum will be held April 19-20 at the Target Headquarters in downtown, Minneapolis!


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“IMC is the only organization in the world of which I am aware, which specializes in issue management as its core business.  It represents a valuable resource to IM practitioners where they can access best practice and participate in collegial events.”

– UK Mobile Operators Association

“IMC’s greatest strength is that it brings practitioners together to share experiences across a wide section of industries.  That’s a tremendously valuable opportunity for anyone in any major role within a multinational organization.”

– Altria

“IMC has proven to be an organization that can consistently offer a unique mixture of high value benefits.  Most refreshing is the deep knowledge and ‘of-the-moment’ insights openly shared by world-class experts and practitioners in think-tank like forums.”

– Stratagent

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