“And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor: Advertising in a Divisive World”
Date:  Thursday, 3 March 2022, 11 am until noon, Eastern

Where you place your advertising dollars is a statement about your company. How do you make best effort to be sure decisions regarding such partnerships support your brand, corporate values and stakeholder reputation? In this one-hour Chatham House rules conversation, members of the Issue Management Council will explore the complexities of advertising in a divisive world. For discussion:

  • Is your Issue Management team consulted on decisions regarding advertising placement and/or brand partnerships?
  • How do you ensure such activities are brand positive?
  • What systems/efforts do you employ to de-risk such activities?
  • How do you maintain control in such partnerships?
  • Have you examples of times you’ve been stung by such partnerships? What did you learn and how have you adapted your internal vetting processes as a result?
  • On the opportunity side, have you examples where Issue Management guidance has resulted in highly successful ad placement?

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