In the list below, you’ll find members of the Issue Management Council who offer services and products for practitioners. Those who support the IMC at the Provider Level are featured with a link through to their website.

Ms. Teresa Yancey Crane

Issue Management Innovators
Washington, DC

management pubs

Mr. Roy Ewell

Ewell and Associates, LLC.
Orlando, FL

Consulting firm

Mr. Jeff Hahn

Hahn PR
Sunset Valley, Texas

Mr. Kristian Hvilen

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Company AS
Oslo, Norway

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Company

Ms. Patricia LeShane

Sullivan & LeShane
Hartford, Connecticut

company logo

Mr. Vada Manager

Manager Global Consulting Group
Phoenix, Arizona

Ms. Nancy Pattarini

The Paige Group
Utica, New York

consulting group

Mr. Sebastian Warren

Nouveau Creative Strategies
Columbia, Maryland

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The Issue Management Council is a registered US 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Your generosity will fund scholarships and enable IMC professors and graduate students to attend IMC programs.