Teresa Yancey Crane

Teresa Yancey Crane is a recognized expert on Issue Management, having contributed directly to refining the disciplines of the field and cataloguing its advancement since its beginning in 1976.

Crane currently serves as President of the Issue Management Council, a non-profit membership organization she founded in 1988, as a global center of excellence and learning for Issue Management practitioners.  She also leads Issue Action Publications, which she launched in 1982, to create a body of literature to support the development of Issue Management as a distinct discipline.  IAP’s flagship newsletter is Corporate Public Issues and Their Management, still edited by Crane since she began writing for the publication in 1979.

Her introduction to the field began in 1977 when she was an instrumental part of the team that worked with Howard Chase to create the original Issue Management Process Model.  In 2010, she launched Issue Management Innovators as a resource for training and consulting advice to help clients create effective IM processes and tools.

Crane has a liberal arts education, with B.A. in Economics (manga cum laude) from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.  Hobbies include travel (marking visits to 61 countries and counting), beekeeping and other interactions with the natural world, the arts (they can save our souls!) and flying small airplanes.