You have several options for professional development through the Issue Management Council: In-person Member Forums, Face-to-Face Roundtables, Online Webinars and on-site tailored training sessions.

Member Forums
Experienced issue management practitioners gather in-person for Member Forums hosted by leading companies at corporate headquarters around the globe. Over a day-and-a-half, participants collaborate to define and refine cutting edge practices to embed issue management organization-wide. Each Forum is structured to be a practical, collegial session marked by an energetic and candid exchange of transferable ideas.

IMC Webinars

Thought-provoking and instructive Webinars flow from selected IMC Member Forum plenary sessions. Join these interactive one-hour events to tap into tools, techniques and tactics that can be embedded across organizational lines.

Face-to-Face Roundtables
These member-hosted conversations draw a small group of experienced practitioners together for 2 hours to explore a topic on the cutting edge of issue management practice. After the discussion, a group-vetted summary of opinions is written and distributed as a means of advancing the discipline.

Onsite Training
Organizations new to issue management – or those who wish to grow internal issue management expertise – find value in “The Fundamentals of Issue Management,” an on-site course that brings the best in issue management training through your doorstep. Very reasonably priced sessions, from a half-day to two full days, are tailored to the specific interests of the inquiring company. Your inquiry to the IMC will provide more detail, telephone +1.703.777.8450.

Interested in attending an IMC training event? Click here to sign up for one of our Upcoming Events.