IMC Member Chat – Issue Management After 2020: Crisis Principles That Are Here to Stay

2020 was a year that turned life upside-down in so many ways, and issue management functions played a key role in helping many organizations navigate the complex and changing challenges we faced. As we head into 2021, IMC Members will discuss what lessons from 2020 we are taking forward in our roles and functions. We will share insights on how we’ve built adaptive and resilient approaches that have served our organizations well—and maybe some that didn’t.

Emerging Issue: Vaccination in the Workplace
The second half of the conversation will focus on emerging issues surrounding vaccination. At long last, the Covid vaccine is a reality. Distribution is clearly going first to front-line healthcare workers and then to the elderly. But what’s next? How are private employers anticipating and addressing issues surrounding vaccines and the workplace? Who, among your internal stakeholders, should be first in line for vaccination? How is health privacy being balanced with employee safety? What’s required, under what circumstances, when and who bears the cost? Where are the lines of responsibility, risk and reputation drawn for companies?

Picture of Erin Moos

Erin Moos, IMC Chair & Senior Director, Reputation Management, Target Corporation

Erin Rath Moos with Target will get us started with sharing some of the principles and structures that Target is using, and host an open forum for IMC members to discuss and share learnings to prepare for new challenges ahead.

The content of the chat is confidential and is offered only to IMC members of record. Reserve your place via reply email no later than COB on 12 January 2021.