Issue Management Value

Issue management creates value and benefits across a broad spectrum, externally and internally.


– Improved stakeholder relationships and “dialog of mutuality” that avoids or mitigates conflict and leads to win/win resolutions that account for the positions and goals of all members in the stakeholder ecosystem
– Speed to market with product and services relevant to unmet “demand” or expressed concerns
– Reduction of “communication noise” in the marketplace that can impede efficient and competitive organizational performance
– Destruction of barriers to market entry and operational constraints
– Socially “response-able” management
– “Reality check” for internal perceptions and plans versus external realities, offering a filter for the organization’s strategic initiatives


– Enterprise-wide (boundary-spanning) management and synergistic, efficient resource allocation
– Timely and contextually-relevant communication or organizational goals vis-à-vis issue impact thereby improving capacity for individuals to “speak for” the organization
– Improved teamwork, morale and productivity through understanding organizational strategy and individual roles relative to issues’ effect on goals
– Issue accountability through the assignment of an “issue champion”
– Reduction of “surprises” and uncertainty with reduced liability for directors and officers
– Crisis avoidance and “success” through things that didn’t happen

The Issue Management Council was formed in 1988 to advance the disciplines for the benefit of their organizations and for society. If you are responsible for managing strategic matters that affect your organization, join the IMC and connect with issue management advocates around the world.

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